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We are happy tp announce the opening of Dr Usama Clinic, Velana International Airport, at the main international airport of the Maldives.

Giving access to all Tourists and MACL staff in addition to Other airport working clients, to our world class healthcare facility.

Our aspirations to reach heights are always coupled with quality care facilities for our clients.

We are the only medical facility within Velana International Airport and our services range from General Consultations, to Collecting and processing PCR test for SARS-CoV 2.

We also represent many insurance companies and we are happy to assist in case of any emergency.

Being the only medical facility at the Main International Airport of the Maldives. we take our existing clients and our prospective clients to a further satisfaction points, in terms of delivery of timely PCR reports, Conducting hygienic screening to all hospitality members, and maintain healthy lifestyle for all our clients, yet again with our cloud based platform.

Visit us to get acquainted or register through a modern QR code and follow the path of very low cost, affordable, yet modern healthcare medical facility.

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